It was a Tuesday in July

I fell deep in love while July was in full swing with humidity and heat waves and there I was, falling for someone like all the cliches and it really was all the cliches. It’s everything you dreamed about before your standards were lowered by all your horrendous exes and you were eventually soured onContinue reading “It was a Tuesday in July”


to an old friend: a letter I’ll never send

I remember getting mad at you for things you couldn’t control. I was so naive back then and so were you. I remember when you told me you couldn’t be there for me and I took it personal. I realized later that it wasn’t personal, but the way you treated me made it feel likeContinue reading “to an old friend: a letter I’ll never send”

I want to be brave for you

I want to smile when it rains I want to answer when you call. I don’t want to live in fear, it’ll be the death of me but where do we go from here? I’m trying, but I’m tired of trying and getting no results. I want to be brave like I was when IContinue reading “I want to be brave for you”

my life is not meant to make you comfortable

I started to realize why people come out it’s not because they want to be brave it’s not because they want to be a shining light it’s because they’re angry at the injustice being thrown upon them and the words ignorant people speak not directly at them but meant for them- they hurt and theyContinue reading “my life is not meant to make you comfortable”

the world won’t matter

I have fallen in love before and it’ll likely happen again I just hope the next time it’ll be with your wit or your smile or your hair. If I fall in love again I want it to matter more than it did when I fell for someone who didn’t love me back. I wantContinue reading “the world won’t matter”

Birds | #flashfiction

It was a brisk spring morning, not a sound but the birds in the sky. The birds sing to each other, a song I can’t quite understand, but it comforts me. It’s the sounds of the spring and summer, and they start bright and early. I sit and I listen, and I wonder. I wonderContinue reading “Birds | #flashfiction”

the sticky summer air

The sticky summer air wants to know how I’ve been since we last talked. I’ve had my ups and downs but I’m here now. I didn’t find God but I did find a purpose hidden somewhere between the stationary aisle of CVS and New England in September. Sometimes winter feels like going through hell andContinue reading “the sticky summer air”