And I was so focused on the table Brown with a crack down the middle I couldn’t imagine ever taking my eyes off it Especially not to look at your face I could picture it just fine in my head Even after the tears welled And I couldn’t see anything anymore I knew you wereContinue reading “table”


if I ever feel it again #flashfiction

I didn’t feel anything when he left. I took all the energy I would’ve had and lost myself in all the things I loved before he came into my life, as if I hadn’t changed in the last two years. And it was somewhere around the third week that I realized with each person thatContinue reading “if I ever feel it again #flashfiction”


I will write your name over and over until it does not hurt anymore and if that takes a thousand pages at least it will be over. and I will forgive you someday but first I have to forgive myself and sure, I’ve learned to love myself but it’s still fresh it started when IContinue reading “fresh”