Would 7-year-old me be proud of who I’ve become?

Sometimes it feels like I’m not myself anymore. But I am, I’m just growing. And changing. I’m finding my way in the world as an adult. Not that that’s new, it’s been a good few years now, but when I was first 18, I didn’t feel like an adult. Even when I turned 21 andContinue reading “Would 7-year-old me be proud of who I’ve become?”


Snowfall | #poetry #poetrycommunity

There’s a calmness in the winter the stillness and the silence bundling up under several layers just to go watch the dog run around outside and come back inside to a piping hot cup of hot chocolate hands like icicles, wrapped around the mug, warming. December can feel like a separate world from reality, everyoneContinue reading “Snowfall | #poetry #poetrycommunity”

Misguided | #poetrycommunity

I spent three hours last night searching for a story I read seven years ago it’s lost to the archives of the internet by now and I can’t remember the name of it but I kept searching despite the truth being right in front of me. I spent hours searching for something for the fleetingContinue reading “Misguided | #poetrycommunity”


When I was debating you and debating moving states and cutting my hair but I stayed stagnant for the hollow feeling of thinking I was wanted I should’ve left I should’ve been spontaneous and I should’ve taken it as a hint all the songs I cherished about running away maybe I should’ve, too. It’s notContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Creative Fiction Profile | Loneliness and Headaches

Anything to take the mind off this headache. He lit up a smoke and slowly laid down, hands behind his head. He took a deep inhale and closed his eyes, ignoring the throbbing in his forehead and focusing on the feeling of the smoke in his lungs. He always enjoyed the feeling. Anytime someone triedContinue reading “Creative Fiction Profile | Loneliness and Headaches”


Am I where I should be? Is this what I want? Does anyone know what they want? Or are they just blindly chasing a feeling? People put on a reassuring smile and say they’re happy, they’re doing what they want and “don’t worry, you will be, too.” Sure, maybe they’re right and I know I’mContinue reading “Uncertainty”

An ever-changing world

I want to grow I want to bloom I want to look back on this time and think of how much I’ve changed for the better and be proud of myself I’ve always been growing I’ll always be changing I’ll always be looking back on the past with a hint of nostalgia and a waveContinue reading “An ever-changing world”

I’m sorry I disappear from time to time

it’s nothing against you I’m just bad at remembering to talk. It’s something that’s been a constant since I was a child and I’m not sure it’ll ever go away. I get in these moods they’re not necessarily depressions though maybe they once were; they’re like riding the subway late at night when you’re theContinue reading “I’m sorry I disappear from time to time”