Changing My Major

So, I changed my major again. But this time, it’s what I’m genuinely interested in: Fiction Writing! My classes start in January and I’m excited. When I was going to the community college, I had my major as writing at first because that was the closest they had to creative writing (aka my one true love), but I changed it to a general major when I started taking classes that didn’t qualify under the writing major. But I’m excited to be back to writing!

My first few classes are just basic classes I never took at community college, so I won’t start any writing classes for a couple months, but nonetheless! It is a venture I’m excited to be making, and I finally feel confident in my major choice. It’s taken me way too long to figure out what I want to major in. I mean, I’m 22, I should’ve already graduated! But everyone goes at their own pace, so I’m not upset.



    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you, I’m excited to start!

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    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you, I’m excited!


  1. Saumya Agrawal says:

    It’s better to realise your interest and choose them rather than doing what you don’t like. Cheers 😇

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    1. Lauren says:

      That’s very true.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    Well done you! Writing, thats so exciting! I hope you enjoy all the classes!


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