School vs. My Blog

I created this blog in February of last year to share my writing. I started being more serious about it last December after deciding I should write more. That led to me falling back in love with poetry and writing as a whole. It also led to me writing my own personal project in my spare time, as well as changing my major to fiction writing from business marketing. But let’s be real, that major was never going to last.

That being said, I may start posting less as my classes have officially started. By “less” I mean 20% less. Maybe I’ll be posting 4-5 days a week instead of the normal 6-7. I still want to keep up with writing, but knowing how school tends to take over my entire life, it might impact it.

THAT being said, I’ll still be active on here on the days I’m not posting. I do love seeing everyone else’s posts and being a part of such a creative community. I’ll be making an effort to be online more often.

So, long story short, I’ll be posting slightly less, but (hopefully) I’ll be online every day.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and support me on Ko-Fi, if you'd like!


  1. Saumya Agrawal says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your poetry Lauren. If it suits you, you may schedule your posts. But yeah, no issues with less posts. Studies are important. Good luck with your classes.

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    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you! I might schedule posts, that’s a good idea.

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      1. Saumya Agrawal says:


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  2. What an exciting future you have! And you’ve got a good plan.

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    1. Lauren says:

      Yes, that’s what I was thinking! Thank you. I am excited about it.

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    awesome! I’m happy to know you’ll still be around! 😀

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