I miss my carefree nature,

I miss the wind at my back,

I miss the way the sun beams glowed

early summer mornings.

I miss watching the sunrise

from my bedroom window,

and I miss watching the sunset

on the beach with the dog.

I miss the simplicity,

and how I knew it’d all be fine.

Sometimes winter gets so cold,

I fear I’ve gone as bitter as the wind.



  1. Woodsy says:

    I mentioned in a recent piece about shivering and…

    “waiting for someone to tell me to turn the heating on
    because they don’t know this kind of cold”

    Sometimes they give you a gazillion reasons and strategies – reasons for not feeling this and strategies for dealing with it better.
    But they ain’t you…
    and whatever your way through turns out to be, it won’t be by trying to be them.

    The world might try to give you a shedload of reasons why it doesn’t want that kind of pain… why it needs to be airbrushed away.
    But the world needs you.

    So maybe it isn’t carefree now… but that doesn’t mean you won’t weave all the fear and pain and cold into something new…
    perhaps a coat, to wear on those beaches, rich with textures that, for all their pain, you find yourself deeper for having known.

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  2. Saumya Agrawal says:

    There will be a new day tomorrow
    It will be brighter
    Than it was today
    It may be cold today
    Summer not far away

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    so nice! such a beautiful poem!

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