There is a roaring ocean inside me.

It does let up from time to time,

but there are days I am left

shipwrecked and stranded.

It’s hard to see how it’ll all be okay

when I’m marooned on an island

in the ocean inside my chest,

but on I press

because what other option is there?


  1. Woodsy says:

    That ocean of yours…
    that island of yours…
    Yeah, they’re scary as hell, because they conspire to keep you separate.
    They also keep you You.
    That’s your way through.

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  2. Beautiful poetry.

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  3. R.E. Ray says:

    In your spirit, we find hope. Brilliant poem.

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  4. Tom says:

    You’ve used a lot of my favourite images and words here – turning darkness and depression into beautiful poems is what it’s all about. Great work!

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