The winter snow told me to relax,

things will work out,

just give it time.

And if it’s not okay,

have a cup of tea

and a warm blanket.

Spring will be here

and you’ll be good again.

Winters are for hibernating,

growing and healing.

But then why,

I ask myself,

do I always break down

when winter comes around?


  1. Been in such a lost and churned-up place for the longest time…
    and just as it looks like I might be coming through it, a big part of me feels like I’ve been led into a trap somehow.
    So with the winter winds blasting outside, I suddenly found myself struggling again.
    Some days, knowing you’ve found a new path is healing.
    Some days, taking hibernation time, whatever else is going on around you, is healing.
    Today, I just had tears, and the hope of a listening ear –
    but some days, even tears are healing enough.

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