Lazy Day | Flash Fiction

The rain out my window holding me captive in my bed until it lets up. I toss and turn, but can’t bring myself to pull down the covers, afraid to introduce myself to the cold that is Not My Blankets. So, I pull them up to my shoulders, curl up into a ball, and fall back asleep once again. Time passes and suddenly it’s afternoon. Did I really spend all morning in bed? The rain has let up, but now I’m just groggy. A wave of uselessness takes over me and I force myself up.

I brew a cup of coffee and figure out ways to salvage this day. The grogginess never seems to disappear as I scroll through social medias and notifications from my lengthy sleep. I spend the rest of the day yawning, cursing myself for sleeping in, and not doing much of anything. But it’s good to have days like today, I reassure myself as I drift off to sleep again that night.


  1. Woodsy says:

    In a situation right now where every day seems to have a set of “oughf to be”s and “must do”s attached… and given that most of these pressures are about as realistic as getting to the moon without an oxygen cylinder, days that pull me out of this in spite of myself are priceless.

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  2. John A Reyes says:

    I love being an advocate of lazy days…we can always get to something else later ☺

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    1. Lauren says:

      That’s true, lazy days are healthy once in a while. Thanks for reading!

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  3. BrittnyLee says:

    Not going to lie, I love lazy days. I rarely get them so they’re a nice treat

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    yes. its definitely necessary. self care days I call them. They’re just as important as doing a whole load of things during the day. xxx


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